English Olympiad Syllabus for Class 2

The English Olympiad syllabus for Class 2 covers all the important topics of English in the 2nd grade of school to prepare students for the exam.

The English Olympiad is an annual event held in schools across the country. The aim of the Olympiad is to promote English study and encourage students to participate in English-related activities. The Olympiad is open to all students in Years 7-12.

English Olympiad Syllabus

Students need to have a strong foundation in the basics of each subject before moving on to more complex concepts. Are you looking for the English Olympiad syllabus for class 2? You have arrived at the right page.

The English Olympiad syllabus for class 2 is designed to test students’ knowledge and skills in the English language. It further encourages students to develop their language skills and promote their love for the English language.

Class 2 of the English Olympiad Syllabus covers the same topics as class 2 at school. A student learns how to master a language in this course. For class 2, the preparation materials are designed to help young students gain an understanding of all the sections covered in the test. In international and national Olympiads, students develop a great command of grammar. This syllabus is available to students taking the Olympiad exam.

The topics included in the syllabus are:


Chapter 1: Nouns and Pronouns
Chapter 2: Verbs
Chapter 3: Adverbs
Chapter 4: Adjectives
Chapter 5: A, An and The
Chapter 6: Preposition
Chapter 7: Conjunction
Chapter 8: Make the word
Chapter 9: Punctuation
Chapter 10: Meanings of Words
Chapter 12: Opposites of Words
Chapter 13: Which One is Different?
Chapter 14: Tenses
Chapter 15: Logical Reasoning


  • Patterns
  • Measuring Units (Verbal)
  • Geometrical Shapes
  • Odd One Out
  • Spatial Understanding
  • Grouping
  • Analogy
  • Ranking
  • Symmetry
  • Paper Folding
  • Paper Cutting
  • Situation Reaction
  • Mirror Image
  • Water Image


The High Order Thinking Section has questions related to Section 1 – Subjective.