Read the passage and identify the shared characteristics between elephants and giraffes.

Elephants and giraffes are fascinating creatures of the animal kingdom. Both are herbivores, meaning they primarily eat plants and vegetation. Elephants have long trunks that they use to grasp and eat leaves, fruits, and other plant matter. Giraffes, on the other hand, have long necks that allow them to reach tall branches and leaves from trees. Despite their differences in appearance, they share the common trait of being herbivorous animals.

Grade two Compare Contrast Question one

What are the similarities between Elephants and giraffes?

A. Long trunks
B. Long necks
C. Carnivores 
D. Eat leaves and fruits

Answer: (D)

Solution: From the passage, both elephants and giraffes share the characteristic of being herbivores, meaning they eat plant matter, including leaves and fruits. They do not share the traits of having long trunks or long necks, and they are not carnivores.